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Web Design
web development
logo design

Vote my coin website

Honestly, I have no experience with cryptocurrency, but one of my old good clients was wanna create a website for Cryptocurrency conversation and changing.
The logotype was needed too.

Client type: Cryptocurency
Release Date: November 2018

Actually I thought there is only one Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, but actually they more than 10. For each one of them, I needed to make a vector icon.

Popup panels

Customer wanna use dynamic panels and not much animation.

Actually, the customer was don't have any Idea about logotype design conception, I mean none. So I just think and imagine what I see when I hear "Cryptocurrency". The logotype is simply but, as we think, he is a good explanation of mean conception and product mission.


Most of all Cryptocurrency websites are made in blue colors, I decided to make it in purple colors, dark purple, and light purple.


Actualy I even don’t expect that cryptocurrency is so many...