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Hi, I'm UI/UX
Designer &

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Website design

Think of a website as your “Digital company window”. The display needs to look great, modern and attractive, make a lasting impression, get your message across and ultimately entice them in.


iOS & Android App Design

We can not imagine our life without a mobile phone. However, every mobile phone is an excellent marketing platform for your business. Your mobile application should be attractive, recognizable and convenient.


Web Development

A modern website is much more than a page on a PC screen. Websites went into mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches and even on car displays. My task is to make your site work perfectly on all devices that have a screen.



Each brand has its own purpose, its own character, and its own face. My task as a makeup artist and stylish at the same time. Make an attractive image of your brand, develop your own style. Give it charm and respectability.


About Me

I am a Web & UI Designer and Art Director from Ukraine living in Kiev. I make a design for cool websites and mobile applications. I very love my work and always bring projects to the end. Out of this love for aesthetic design, my passion for functionality and structure evolved. I love my job, and I love my clients because each new project is getting a chance to make the world more perfect and better.